What is DESI-SAFE?

Desi-Safe is the solution to safely handling cash transactions without the risk of contamination.

No need to touch cash with every transaction anymore. The cash inside our Desi-Safe is cleaned with the power
of light.

How does it work?

Desi-Safe is a stainless steel vault with a built-in UV-C lamp.

When a customer prefers to pay cash, the money is placed on top of the Desi-Safe lid. When the cashier has count the money, the side lever is being pulled. This opens the lid and the money fall down. When the lever is being push back, the UV-C light bulb is automatically switched on.
After the pre-set time has passed, the light bulb is switched off.
The money container inside the Desi-Safe is locked and the lid is self-closing and self-locking.`The vault itself can be mounted to the counter.
Spare change is returned from the original cash register. This cash register is pre-loaded with disinfected money from the Desi-Safe.
Extra containers can be ordered separately and are supplied with an air tight lid.


Cleaning money with a light bulb?

  • Yes indeed! The light we use to disinfect the money transmits an invisible light called UV-C.
    UV-C light has a wave length between  200 and 280nm.
    This light is completely blocked by our earth’s atmosphere, where it converts oxygen into ozone.
    UV-C light is also capable of neutralizing micro-organisms in both water and air. The UV-C light enters the cell of bacteria, fungi and even viruses and distort the DNA inside the cell. As a result of this, the micro-organism is unable to multiply.
    So, it doesn’t actually clean stains on bills and coins, but it prevents you from getting sick of it.

isn't cash outdated?

According to Dutch research from 2019, 35% of the people pay just as often with cash as they do with cards and even 15% uses cash more often. These figures are even bigger in other European countries.
The biggest reason for people to pay cash is that they get a better grip on their spending.

Yet, the question should not be whether cash is outdated, it should be: Is cash still useful?
The answer to that is quite easy. Yes it definitely is. Of course, paying by card can be more easy, quicker and for stores even safer. But have you ever raised the question on how to do your shopping’s during a power failure? What a by a malfunctioning in the internet connection, the one that takes care of digital payments? These are all real failures that can occur.
But what if another economic crisis hits us? Banks can go bankrupt, taking all your savings with them. Negative interest makes your saving money costing you money. And last but not least, what about government control? Are they to decide what you should spend your money on?

Cash is private, and once you own it, its yours.

Who is Desi-safe for?

Our aim is to create a safe cash environment for customers of:

Clothing Stores
Market Stalls
Convenience Stores
and many more…

The Desi-Safe does not only keep your customers safe, but also you and your employees.